Rest In Peace Grandpa Grande..

“don’t post that shit on the internet” *poses for a photo for the internet* - grandpa


for those of you that don’t know yet, Ariana’s grandpa passed away yesterday. he fought through his battles with cancer the best he could, most importantly with ariana by his side. grandpa grande was an amazing man, with so much wisdom and a beautiful outlook on the world. we are so lucky ariana…

Ariana’s grandfather has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Grande family at this time.

Rest In Peace Grandpa Grande

I just heard about Ariana’s grandpa news and although I don’t come on here anymore, I just wanted to tell you all to stay strong. I know it’s really hard to deal with these sad news, specially because we’ve been always very close to Ariana’s family. 

I am sending all my love, support and prayers to Ariana and her family. I’m wishing the best to them, and I hope they all go through this with their head held high. He will always be reminded as an incredible, kind and wonderful person.

We love you, grandpa grande! Rest in peace 

Hello guys!

Hello loves, well I came here to tell you guys that I’m tired. I’m tired of coming on computer everyday and sit on a chair and spend hours reblogging pictures and just not do anything productive. I mean I’m turning 15 in a few months and I can’t let my whole teenage years be about being on computer 24/7, like I wanna watch movies and series, I wanna go for a walk or have fun with my friends (although I only have like 2 friends?!). 

I know some of you will think “she’ll stop supporting ariana” “she doesn’t love ariana anymore” etc. No, I love Ariana and I’ll always love her. Just because I won’t be here anymore or send her supporting things or fangirl over her everyday doesn’t mean my love for her is gone, and don’t even tell me “fans leave, arianators stay” I’m sorry but I can’t spend my whole life on tumblr editing and reblogging pics of her, well I have a life too! I’m still an arianator, don’t worry, but I won’t be that arianator who’ll come on tumblr 87893032 hours per day, I won’t be that arianator who’ll edit pics of her everyday.

It’s time to get away and explore what the world has to give, I wanna meet new people, I wanna make new friends, I just wanna enjoy life and being on computer 24/7 is not letting me doing it. 

I wanted to thank above of all to Ariana, for being an amazing role model and an amazing person. I’ll meet her one day and I know that. I’d like to thank every single one of you for following me and being the sweetest!

I also wanted to thank arigrando for being an amazing friend, I still get so happy every time I think about the fact we’re from the same country lmao. I love you Nicole!!!

So I hope y’all understand it and I hope y’all smile everyday because you’re all beautiful, don’t forget to be yourself and spread love!

P.s - I won’t delete the blog, I just won’t come on here anymore!

Xoxo, Mariana! 

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