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Break up, make up, total waste of time, can we please make up our minds? and stop acting like we're blind? Because if the water dries up and the moon stops shining, stars fall and the world goes blind boy, you know I'll be saving my love for you. +

daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25.

daily reminder that the math test you failed your freshman year of high school probably won’t matter when you’re graduating college.

daily reminder that the problems you’re facing today may seem like the worlds end, but they will not matter in a year.

daily reminder that you’re going to be okay.

everything is going to be okay.

hello ~

Hello guys, as some of you may know.. back in December 2013, I left this blog because I wanted to focus more on my life by doing productive things…. well that didn’t happen lol. I ended up being in another fandom, a kpop fandom (kpop = korean pop music) called exo-l which the artist are exo, a korean boy group but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I just wanted to tell you that I kinda feel deslocated from the fandom, while I was away a lot of things happened and when I came back I was like “wow, what the hell happned” and I also lost that feeling of being a part of the fandom, but I think I’ll gain it while spending more time here, anyways… I hope you guys know that I’m here for every and each one of you, I’ll try to do my best and help you with everything. And I hope we can be friends!

Btw I make graphics too lol.

Much love, xoxo Mariana.

arianasugg: oh my goodness, why have I never seen your blog before???? it's perfect!!

I’m not sure if you sent this a while ago or recently, tumblr didn’t told me I had a message, so sorry but thank you very much sweetie! ^^


*stays home* i should’ve gone out

*goes out* i should’ve stayed home

"The best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best ‘cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too. "

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